Our 4-step

Benefits at all levels of your organisation.
Results from the very first month.



Detects & Analyses

We detect the types of stress and their intensity in each of the organisation’s members.

This diagnosis is based on background questions without entering into specific personal or professional contexts.

We analyse these results in order to propose the individual and team-specific measures that enable each person to act.



Decides & Acts

We meet each team leader in order to help them understand the report on their team. We also guide them in selecting and implementing management measures.

We perform a presentation to the organisation’s managers, explaining team status, action plans. We also communicate the list of persons at risk of burnout and resigning, having obtained their consent.



Corrects & Proposes

We return after 6 weeks to talk with each team leader, to evaluate the progress of their action plans.

Based in the conversation, we draw up an assessment and identify the skill development points for the leader.

We perform a presentation to the organisation’s managers, explaining action plan status and developing our recommendations.



Guides & Solves

We guide the organisation in selecting and implementing more in-depth measures.

In the form of coaching, training, operating model review, specific guidance on burnout, etc.

These supplementary services are provided by partners who share the same values.

We guarantee targeted, relevant and coherent guidance at the heart of the organisation, from diagnosis to solution.