We support organisations by analysing behaviours and proposing specific short to medium-term measures

Our mission

To enable people to take action in their lives, and organisations to actively face their challenges.

Yves de Jamblinne

Founder of Grouks

The project’s origins

The founding of Grouks in 2016 arose from a desire to enable people and organisations to be active players in their lives.

During his 10 years spent in the IT and consulting sectors, its founder was able to observe how rarely the human being is top priority, and also that most people live through events rather than steering them.

From the start, Grouks has been offering training and coaching aimed at raising people’s and organisations’ awareness about how they work and giving them the means to act effectively. The early services provided assistance at the individual (training and coaching according to the process communication model®) and structural level (Agile and change management coaching).

However, the obtained impact was not satisfactory, since it was either too reduced (the training and coaching provided low-level assistance) or too focused on ways of working (on changing work methods).

The new Grouks service was born of this desire to have a large-scale impact focused on the human being above all. What better way of arriving at this than by helping organisations proactively take care of their employees?

Our values

Anticipating future events and planning suitable measures is second nature to us. This mental approach is the key to our success and the DNA of what we do.

Theory is a fantastic toolbox. However, the real added value comes from the ability to use this information in a specific and immediate way.

We create added value by simplifying approaches and concepts. Thanks to this simplification, we act swiftly in order to maximise impact.

Our priority is to make you an active player in your life and challenges. We provide your inspiration to take action while making the best choices.

Our vision

Proactive human resources management
is the obvious way forward.