Make proactive management part of your human resources to enhance staff loyalty and raise your efficiency!

We create value at all levels of your organisation

Reinforce your employees’ autonomy

By communicating specific, targeted measures they can implement by themselves, you enable your employees to play an active part in their wellbeing.

Develop your managers’ skills

Via specific and straightforward measures, targeted to the specific needs of their teams, managers inspire their employees.

Enhance staff loyalty

By detecting your employees at risk of resigning or burnout, you preventively take action and strengthen your teams’ cohesion.

Increase efficiency and profitability

By avoiding burnouts and combating thinning staff numbers, you increase your performance and profits.

Develop a proactive culture

Develop a proactive culture. By being proactive, you look to the future and create a solutions-based culture.

Our 4-step

Whether employees, managers, directors or organisers, each person participates in the project’s success and immediately benefits from concrete results.

Tested and approved

I really enjoyed working with Grouks. The analyses are always pertinent, useful and solutions-based. No superfluousness here, just specific, well-placed recommendations. The product enabled me to improve my corporate communication and in addition to a calmer atmosphere, I think the company’s performance has been improved.

Testimony of Alexis Vander Putten,
CEO of Energreen

Avec le test à la résilience, j’ai d’abord pu avoir des pistes d’amélioration personnelle avant de me rendre compte de l’état de mon équipe. Le test est extrêmement rapide et pertinent. Directement, nous avions tous un point sur notre situation individuelle et d’équipe.
Nous avons rapidement mis en place quelques pistes concrètes qui nous ont permis de mieux travailler ensemble. Nous nous y tenons et referons prochainement un test pour valider l’amélioration.

Testimony of Geoffrey Paulus,
Commercial Director of Solarec S.A.

Our mission

To enable people to take action in their lives, and organisations to actively face their challenges.